Career Opportunites

Any job openings that Eagle Mountain is either hiring for internally or assisting a business in filling their vacancies will be listed here.

– No openings at this time –

While jobs Eagle Mountain is recruiting for may also be listed on job search platforms, please note that if there is a job listed on another platform and NOT listed here, it is either expired and no longer accepting applications, or is not a legitimate job posted by Eagle Mountain.

Please use this list as the definitive source of information on career opportunities brought to you by Eagle Mountain.


Beware of scams. There is a dramatic increase in scam job ads on the internet on all platforms, including legitimate job ad search engines. Scammers will sometimes even pose as a company or an individual associated with a company and place a ficticious job ad with intent to scam in a variety of ways, most often financial scams. Beware of any job opportunity where the representative sends you a text message or an e-mail telling you that you are moving forward with an interview or with a hire without an interview, and immediately asks for you to obtain and send them a credit check/credit report. Beware of representatives from a company asking you to purchase equipment for your home office with the promise of being reimbursed after the fact. These are just a couple of examples of scammers attempting to obtain your information and possibly take advantage of you financially.