Networking & The Job Search

Are you successfully using your network in order to help you find your next job?In today’s job market, networking is an important tool to help you get ahead. Of course, this isn’t to say networking is the utmost end-all solution to assuring you WILL get a new job, however, it surely gives you a boost…

Don’t stop your job search during the holiday season!

People tell you “don’t waste your time applying for jobs around the holidays”… however …Want to know the #1 reason to NOT stop searching and applying for jobs during the holidays? Check out this short podcast episode to find out!Click here to listen to the episode!

EEOC Mandatory “Know Your Rights” Poster

The EEOC has released an updated “Know Your Rights” poster which you can view below. Employers with 15 employees or more are required to post this in a conspicuous place where the employees may view it. You may learn more by clicking here to visit the EEOC website.

Addition of EMHR Spotify Podcast!

Subscribe to our new Spotify podcast, where you can listen on the go!Click here for Spotify podcast Of course, we’ll still have our YouTube channel podcast. Be sure to subscribe to both for helpful tips and news on all things HR and career!


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