Pamela is a pleasure to work and talk with. She is a great listener and well spoken. She deserves all the thanks and praise for her caring nature and valuable insight!


I’ve had the opportunity on several occasions to collaborate with Pamela on HR and small business projects. Working together has been such a positive experience.

As a leader, Pamela seems to be very approachable and is willing to share her knowledge.
In my opinion, what makes Pamela different from other HR professionals, is her genuine empathy and passion for others. Pamela has a way of making you feel comfortable expressing your thoughts and/or feelings.

I am very grateful to have connected with Pamela.


Great support. Very good feedback and fair with pricing. Would recommend.


Creative in all aspects of Human Resources.


Pamela’s professionalism and experience helped me tremendously when preparing for future educator interviews. She truly cares that you succeed and improve. My confidence as an interviewee increased drastically. I ended up being offered a job where I interviewed against many veteran teachers who were in the field much longer than me.