Pamela’s professionalism and experience helped me tremendously when preparing for future educator interviews. She truly cares that you succeed and improve. My confidence as an interviewee increased drastically. I ended up being offered a job where I interviewed against many veteran teachers who were in the field longer than me.


Creative in all aspects of Human Resources.


Great support and fair pricing.


Pamela is a pleasure to work and talk with. She is a great listener and well spoken. I asked her to review my resume, and she obliged with great productive feedback! I now have a well written working resume that I can feel proud to submit with applications. I was also fortunate enough to have interview practice and preparation with her book, “HR Interview Questions You’ll Most Likely be Asked” which served as an incredibly helpful tool. After practicing interviewing and then discussing some ways I could clean up my interview skills with Pamela, I feel much more confident and prepared! She deserves all the thanks and praise for her caring nature and valuable insight!